First Choice Contracting LLC was created to fill a need that is very specific. There are many providers that do what we do but very few providers that operate at our level. We strive for perfection. Our operational procedures are designed from almost 30 years of experience to get you to success. Our company builds leaders. The management team we have will surprise any client with what we are capable of accomplishing.


Our companies goal is to provide strong back end quality control with proven techniques in campaign management to provide a level of service far beyond anything that anyone else offers in our industry. 

  • We use custom designed databases and applications to manage the data of a campaign efficiently.

  • We use Professionals or people that have been trained by the best to go out and qualify voters.

  • We are very flexible on our contracts which makes us far easier to work with then our competition.

  • We operate nationwide and are capable of assisting with any job small or large. 

First Choice Contracting LLC

28800 Van Dyke Ave, Suite 201

Warren, MI 48093


Questions about services, call 

(586) 204 6278

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