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First Choice Contracting LLC – Independent Contractor Agreement

This agreement is designed to outline the relationship between first choice contracting LLC and its petition circulators or GOTV door to door canvassers. First Choice Intends to improve the way our industry operates, and this can only be done if everyone is on the same page.


Canvasser / circulator relationship with first choice contracting LLC

Contractors are not employees. They are hired on what is referred to as an “as needed Basis”. Contractors are responsible for paying their own taxes and will receive a form 1099 at the end of the year detailing earnings. No contractor can file for unemployment because you are not an employee and we do not hire employees. Canvassers understand that first choice may provide some basic guidance on how to do the job but for the most part, does not provide training or materials to do the job. Only on small jobs does first choice hire contractors directly. In most cases, all contractors who work with us are on loan to us by the managers that we work with. 


Canvasser / Circulator Ethics:

First choice expects all contractors to operate in a professional manner when conducting company business. We expect all our contractors to follow of state, federal, and local laws while operating on any project for our company. Circulators are expected to never speak to third party information gathering organizations such as a news reporter or anyone else asking questions about the campaign. All questions need to be directed up the chain through our management staff. Contractors Must NEVER reach out to the client for any reason. If a contractor reaches out to any of our clients with ought authorization from management. They will be immediately terminated. 

Payments / Advances / Bonuses

Contractors understand that they agree to a specific amount of pay to do the project. Project rates are non-negotiable. First choice reserves the right to provide bonuses to contractors or money for expenses at the company’s discretion. Not everyone is entitled to the same rate of pay or the same deal on expenses. Every manager within our company operates independently so their budget is determined by their operational needs. If a manager does not pay a circulator. The company will mediate and try to come to an amicable solution to fix the problem and reprimand the manager if necessary, but first choice holds no liability if this happens. Contractors should pick a manager they trust to work with. All expense money or bonuses given to a contractor must be accounted for. If money is not spent on its intended purpose, then we reserve the right to recoup those funds in a court of law or through paycheck deductions on future projects.

Circulator / Canvasser Quality of work

Contractors are expected to meet the expected validity threshold determined by the project. The industry standard is 75 percent validity to be paid in full. If a contractor falls below this threshold. They will be purged up and paid the difference. This threshold may be lower depending on the state or area we are operating in. Assume a 75 % threshold unless told otherwise by management. Canvassers are required to go to their doors and do the job correctly. If it has been determined that you are using a spoofing app or just not following the rules. You may be deducted pay on doors that were cheated. Contractors understand that we expect the job to be done to our specifications or they may not be paid in full. Contractors understand that we do not pay on petitions that are improperly sorted. If they are on a sheet and from the wrong city or county. Those signatures will not be paid on. We expect a circulator declaration to be done properly. We expect contractors to make sure all information ask for on the petition is provided and we will not pay on signature collected with incomplete information. Contractors are responsible for turning in paperwork in acceptable standard. If the papers are torn or tattered, then they may be rejected. Contractors are expected to use common sense when collecting signatures.

Exclusivity Clause

Contractors understand that if they work with first choice on a project, they are required to continuing working with first choice on that project. If we work on a project with other companies. You are not allowed to switch companies if they are competing with us on the same project. Often circulators will take expenses money or borrow money from 1 company and switch companies, so they do not have to pay it back. If you compete with us on the same project after agreeing to this contract. We will sue you in court for damages. Petition circulators are welcome to work for whoever they would like but they cannot start a project with us and switch companies in the middle of the project.

Chain of Command

Contractors understand that their manager is their primary point of contact for all issues. Contractor understands that they can not contact the operations director or the owners of the company with their concerns unless there is an issue with the manager. This policy is loosely enforced because every project has different requirements, but we do encourage the following to maintain smoother operations.

Contract enforcement:

First Choice contracting LLC is based in warren Michigan. All terms of this contract shall be enforced throughs the courts within the state of Michigan. If any provision of this contract is deemed unenforceable. All other terms of this contract shall remain fully in affect.