This page is here to give you a basic rundown of how our industry works

Our company manages using both models and custom fit strategies based on the project. 

Pay By The Signature

Pay By The Hour

in this business model which is the most popular. Every person who works for the company contracted to do the job will be an independent contractor. this includes managers, and petition signature gatherers. This model is the most popular for many reasons. usually the price in this model is all inclusive unless circumstances outside the contractors control arise.


This model saves the client money because there is no employment taxes pulled out so its cheaper on the client.


This model allows for maximum liability protection all the way around.

This model encourages higher production from an individual. the old adage of 80 % of your production coming from 20 % of the work force comes to mind. This encourages people to work harder for results.

This model reduces project launch times and gives maximum flexibility with contractors.


Some people claim that this model encourages contractors to commit fraud because they are paid on performance. ( easily rectified by strong data management).

Some people believe this is taking advantage of people because if they don't produce then they don't make a paycheck.

There are some limitations on what can be told to contractors on how to do the job to maintain the independent contractor status.

the independent contractor method tends to have a high turn over rate of contractors, you are always training new people to work.

in this business model, everyone who works on the petition is an employee. 



This model allows you to tell people where to go, what to do, and how to do the job. this model works when you have a very experienced management team.


This model makes sure that the company you have hired holds full responsibility to what their agents in the field say or do. this cuts down on misrepresenting the issue.

this model encourages a small amount of production out of a large number of people. this is not very often preferred by professional petitioners due to limited incentive for high producers.

This model allows for the best daily campaign reporting.


this model pushes people to commit fraud for fear of losing their job if they don't produce on schedule.

this method is extremely expensive because it requires the client to pay for the added expensive if accounting, payroll, and and any other fees associated with keeping track of employees. this may not be a direct expense but all contractors put it in the price for the job.

This method requires a large amount of extra rules and regulation that are required to be followed that don't apply to other methods.

this model allows for a more long term model if you intend to be working multiple issues.

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