What is it we do?

We are basically a third party political services provider. Political campaign's and ballot committees are often consider to be "built over night". The groups that need to get things done often lack the resources and structure to get their messages before the voter before the deadlines or before the upcoming election for this reason. We are the solution. 

We maintain a stable network of petition signature gatherers, managers, and canvassers for people that need their ideas brought to the voters quickly. Our network is a network of well trained political operatives that will go directly to the voter to deliver your message professionally and efficiently. We speed of the process by allowing the clients to spend more time on their message and campaign by expanding and strengthening their ground games for them, We save time and resources for our client. 

What kind of work do we do?

GOTV(get out the vote): we go door to door delivering your message to the voters directly at their homes. We have experienced managers and trainers capable of getting an high production operation up and running in 1 to 2 weeks. We use the latest technologies to track and train our operatives to do what needs to be done while making sure every law is followed to the letter. In 2020 alone, Our teams knocks almost 1 million doors.

Petition Management Services: This is our bread and butter so to speak. We specialize in getting issues on the ballot whether it be a referendum, constitutional amendment, or ballot initiative. We have operated in almost every state in the country and have collected more then 4 million signatures in 2020 on a variety of issues nationwide. We can handle small local drives and large statewide projects. We Provide the most transparency in the industry when it comes to this kind of work. Our clients know everything all the time. We know that with these types of projects often come a hefty price tag. We have competitive rates while giving the client the ability to know everything in real time.

Candidate Ballot Access: Every state has different rules and requires to getting on the ballot. We tailor our process to meet the specifications of every states individual elections division to make sure we can get you on the ballot quickly and in the most efficient way. We have handled a great deal of smaller candidates projects that are the size of a small school board race all the way up to presidential ballot access. This service is not limited geographically. Our success page shows that we have used this service a lot in Michigan because we are based here but we operate nationwide. We put 60- 150 candidates on the ballot per year on average. In 2016 we managed nationwide ballot access for presidential candidates. In 2020. We were so heavily active with GOTV and Statewide projects that we only did a few states for this cycle.

Corporate surveys, Plebiscites, and opinion polling: All of these services are similar. They are tools used to gage public opinion or to raise awareness to an issue at hand. Not every client of ours is political. some are planning to build a new restaurant or retail store somewhere and need us to come in and engage the public to see how they feel on the issue or to help change public opinion if the general consensus is against the laid out plans.

Are we political, do we work for a specific party?

No, we are not. We are simply a business that acts on behalf of a client. We provide outsourced political services to those that need our manpower. We have republicans, democrats, independents, and libertarians on our client list. We can provide a number of references for our work all across the political spectrum. We do what is necessary to make our client successful. Many of our clients aren't even political entities at all. They are businesses or non profit organizations who decided to use our services. after all. we are basically the manpower to get the job done. 

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