Manager Application


Manager Application


First Choice Contracting LLC – Independent Manager Agreement

This agreement is designed to outline the relationship between first choice contracting LLC and its project managers. First Choice Intends to improve the way our industry operates, and this can only be done if everyone is on the same page.

Project Manager relationship with first choice contracting LLC.
Our Project Managers are not employees. First Choice Hires Managers as independent contractors. We provide managers with a 1099 at the end of the year with their total earnings. All managers are required to handle their own taxes on their contractors. Managers are free to hire whoever they want to work for them. First choice does not dictate hiring decisions to its managers.

Manager Ethics:
First choice expects all managers to follow local, state, and federal law when conducting company business. Managers are expected to maintain regular communication with all those working with them. Managers are required to pay their contractors for services rendered. If it becomes widely known that a manager is not paying their people, First Choice reserves the right to terminate the relationship. If we terminate the agreement based on non-payment of contractors. Your contractors may be assigned to a different manager to maintain the relationship with first choice and to maintain continued success of the project.

Payments /Advances / Bonuses
Managers overrides are set by the company owner or the operations director. Overrides are set on a per project basis. All projects are pre budgeted in advance. Overrides are non-negotiable. Managers are expected to manage their people. Managers are treated as if they are operating their own independent business like a franchise agreement. Bonuses and advances are offered at the company’s discretion. Travel expenses are also offered at the company’s discretion. first choice does not do advances to circulators. We will however do advances to managers. Advances are given at the managers discretion. Those advances will eventually be returned to the company from the managers. Rental car deposits, hotel deposits, etc. are all the responsibility of the manager. If a manager does not pay a contractor, first choice may try to mediate to come up with an amicable solution but ultimately the manager is responsible for fixing the situation. 

Manager Quality of work


Petition Drives:
The Managers Batch Validity is expected to be at 75 % unless otherwise specified. Managers may be paid a reduced amount if under 75 %. Managers are expected to process all paperwork before turned in. Out of counties, double prints, or signatures missing information should be crossed off by the manager before turning in signatures. All petition Declarations need to be signed and properly filled out before being turned in. Sand Bagging for a price increase is unacceptable. Once a week call in are required at least.

Managers are responsible for making sure their people are up and out working. Managers are expected to go out in the field periodically to check on their people and make sure flyers are being placed on the doors and they are hitting the routes. Managers are responsible for Firing contractors who are cheating, or doors are not being paid for due to poor performance.

Exclusivity Clause
Managers understand that they are privy to a large amount of logistical and proprietary information when working with first choice. A manager is not allowed to leave mid project to work with another company on the same project. A manager that provides information to any other company or third-party information gathering organization that we would deem as “proprietary” would result in prosecution to the full extent of the law. Providing information to competitors about our project or operations will not be tolerated. We will prosecute to the full extent of the law for breach of contract. In addition to breach of contract, we shall sue you for violation of economic espionage act of 1996 that allows us to sue for up to 500,000 dollars for selling or giving away proprietary information.


Chain of Command
Managers are the backbone of our company. There is an open-door policy. Managers can contact the operations director or company owner with anything regarding the operations of the business. Managers are not ever to contact the client on a project directly without permission.


Contract enforcement:
First Choice contracting LLC is based in warren Michigan. All terms of this contract shall be enforced throughs the courts within the state of Michigan. If any provision of this contract is deemed unenforceable. All other terms of this contract shall remain fully in affect.


First Choice Expectations:
As managers working with first choice, we all succeed together. We promise to provide back-end support and to assist our managers with accomplishing their daily goals. We agree to maintain a reasonable contract rate for our managers and circulators to the best of our abilities. We agree to work to provide the most opportunities possible to those already working with our company before reaching out to any outside contractors. We agree to assist our managers in setting up stable systems to help everyone grow. We agree to be transparent with our managers about all aspects of the project they are working on. 

Experience Level