Professional Petition Management

First Choice's Primary business function is professional petition management. We provide full service solutions as well as consulting services to those who want more control and the ability to get jobs done themselves. The various types of petitions we specialize in are:

  • Constitutional Amendments.

  • Direct or Indirect Initiative Statutes.

  • Referendums & Recalls.

  • Candidate Ballot Access

  • Minor Party Ballot Access.

  • ​Local liquor options

  • Targeted questions, corporate, organization, and non profit surveys and polling. (Plebiscites)

  • Direct mailer design and other campaign management materials.

  • Campaign strategy development

Political Marketing & Get Out The Vote

First Choice's has the ability to facilitate the circulation of campaign material on many channels. We can help get your information to voters the easy way. Whether you want material circulated with the petition, mailed to voter addresses, emailed to your constituents, or even get your information out there by phone or text message; First Choice can get it done for you!

Volunteer & Strategy Development 

Sometimes campaigns are under strict budgetary guidelines or are just in need of a boost and don't want to hire a full service operation to take over their project. When this happens, we can assist with building a volunteer network of people to assist with your project and help you develop a game winning strategy to push you across that finish line.

Petition Validation & Data Management

First Choice is known for providing the highest level of quality when it comes to the products and services we provide the client. Whether you want First Choice to manage the collection efforts or you simply want to verify the quality of petitions obtained from another firm, First Choice is ready to help!

  • Our process includes the following:

  • 1 week turnaround time on 100% of petition signatures verified.

  • We tailor our process to that of the elections authority in the region in which you are working in.

  • We can keep track of duplicates signatures, Illegible signatures, and anything else that could hurt the project.

  • We can provide real time data on the status of our operations, including various reports that will help with your campaign as we progresses along.

  • Our Validation staff is trained and located in the United States. We don't outsource our quality control.

  • We can provide a mailing list of all registered voters who signed your petition for the purpose of showing support for your issue or candidate.

  • We can also provide walking lists to assist in a door-to-door campaign.

Target Marketing, Surveys, and Polling

Sometimes, before a petition drive is launched or a group decides to put an idea on the ballot, There is often a lot of polling and public opinion surveys that need to be done to determine the level of support for the issue. We can assist our client with any type of survey or pubic opinion poll targeted by area. Primarily we work in the political industry but we do provided these services to corporate clients and to people planning a new product launch.

Candidate Ballot Access

First Choice also specializes in the complex requirements set by each state for gaining ballot access to candidates.


First Choice does candidate ballot access nation wide! Whether you're looking to run for President of The United States, or you're running for a City Mayor somewhere, First Choice can help!


With the nature of elections seasons and filing deadlines, First Choice recommends you contact us as early as possible to get the ball rolling on your ballot access needs. As your filing deadline approaches, the cost of ballot access increases. So to have your best chance of success!

Door-to-Door Canvass Operations

First Choice can do pretty much anything door to door. Our custom build database allows us to target specific areas and be able to identify where your customers or your support base is. We have provided this service to not only political clients but we have delivered fliers, door knockers,  and non profit brochures this way for large clients like the American cancer society or AT&T. When it comes to person to person canvassing, we have the most up to date technology to make this task fast and efficient.

Political Campaign Consulting

We all know what a political campaign costs and it is usually a ridiculous sum of money. This being the case, it is often hard to give the reins over to someone and just let them do their thing when it comes to the money of your donors. First Choice is capable of working with you every step of the way to teach you how to reach your goal all by yourself with no professional petition management company.

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