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Below is a partial list of projects that we have completed.​
Contact information to verify any of these projects directly can be provided to potential clients

Initiatives and constitutional Amendments

South Dakota Save Our Secret Ballot Committee 

Collected 11,000 signatures in 2 weeks in South Dakota

South Dakota Small Investors Protection Act

collected 19,000 signatures in 1 month

Ohio Safety and Justice Alliance 
101,253 Signatures collected in 4 weeks on an Ohio Statewide Constitutional Amendment petition for Criminal Justice Reform. 

Clean Michigan Committee
62,548 Signatures collected on a Constitutional Amendment petition to make state legislators in Michigan part time legislators.

South Bay Labor Council

( Collected around 30,000 signatures on 2 city of san jose issues)


Fair & Equal Michigan - (2020) Anti-Discrimination Act

Collected approximately 320,000 signatures statewide to protect LGBTQ rights.

Get Out the Vote Efforts


  • First Choice Knocked 900,000 doors in Michigan for republican candidates in 1 month.

  • First Choice knocked 40,000 doors for republican candidates in Pennsylvania in 4 days.

  • First Choice Knocked 85,000 doors for republican candidates in South Carolina in 2 weeks.

  • First Choice Knocked 490,000 Doors for republican candidates in within the state of Georgia in 4 weeks time.

Marketing Projects

  • AT&T - We delivered 21,814 promotional flyers to houses in Kansas City Missouri and .Another 46,945 flyer in St. Louis Missouri.

  • .We have placed brochures in hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country to advertise non profit events to raise money. We have done this in 26 states,

  • We have managed dial by phone promotions doing surveys and opinion polls for political candidates and corporate client working in the charter schools industry.

Presidential Ballot Access

Libertarian National Committee
55,422 signature to aid in placing the Libertarian party on the ballot as a recognized minor party in the State of Ohio.


Collected Signatures to place Rocky De La Fuente on the ballot for president in the democratic primaries in 2016 in 17 states

  • Mississippi

  • Michigan

  • North Carolina

  • New Jersey

  • Maryland

  • Kentucky

  • Mississippi,

  • Oregon

  • Rhode Island

  • Massachusetts

  • New Mexico

  • New York

  • Indiana 

  • Virginia

  • Wisconsin

  • Connecticut

  • Pennsylvania

Rick Santorum for President 2016 

1,998 signatures from republican voters in Virginia to help place Rick Santorum on theballot for President 2016. 

Local Candidate Ballot Access

  • Dave Perkins for Wayne County Probate Judge( Michigan)

  • James Osak for judge 43rd district court 2018 and 2020 ( Michigan )

  • Dan Christ for 6th circuit Judge (Michigan)

  • Suzanne Geddis for 53rd district court ( Michigan )

  • Ken reeder for school board (Missouri)

  • Pete Dominici jr for governor ( New Mexico)

  • Brian Calley for governor ( Michigan) 

  • Sandy Pensler for US Senate ( Michigan)

  • Bill Gelineau for Governor Committee ( Michigan)

  • Chris Graveline for Attorney General (Michigan)

  • Tracy Lovvern -- Candidate for US Rep, MA District 2 ( Massachusetts) 

  • Jerry Hilliard -- Candidate for US Representative 4th District ( Michigan)

  • Earl Lackey - Candidate for US Representative 5th district -- (Michigan)

  • Frank Acosta- Candidate for US Representative  11th district--(Michigan)

  • Al Lemmo- Candidate for US representative 13th district--(Michigan)

  • Armand Velardo for Macomb County MI probate Judge - 2020 august election

  • George Lyons for judge in Michigan 12th district court ( jackson MI) 2020 august election

  • Imitez Syed for public Advocate of New York City